G-Zone銀座4店舗(カフェ ラ・ボエム、モンスーンカフェ、ゼスト キャンティーナ、権八)は、新型コロナウィルス対策による施設の臨時営業時間短縮にともない、下記の通りに、営業時間を変更させていただきます。


営業時間 11:30~24:00 ラストオーダー 23:00(ラストオーダーを通常より30分早い23時とさせていただきます)



㈱グローバルダイニング (平日10:00-19:00)
03-3407-0561 (内線54)


[Four shops at G-Zone Ginza]

Notice on temporally change in shop hour due to new coronavirus prevention

We appreciate for your coming and loving our products.
Our shops in G-Zone Ginza (Cafe la Bohem, Monsoon cafe, Zest Cantina, Gonpachi) will change shop hour temporally accompanied by Aqua City due to coronavirus prevention as follows;

■Closure Period
From March 2nd  (Mon.)

■Shop hour during the period
Shop hour 11:30 am  – 0:00 am (Last order (call) 11:00 pm; 30 minutes earlier than usual)

We may change the last day of the shortened shop hour as the social situations.

We apologize for your inconveniences and appreciate for your understandings.

[For more information]
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