Beaujolais Nouveau 2017 is here!

ボジョレー・ヌーボー2017 解禁!!







◆ゼスト キャンティーナ (G-zone銀座、西麻布)

◆LB6 / LB8

Global-Dining offers BeaujolaisNouveau on the day of it’s release. Beaujolais Nouveau is produced at Beaujolais region in France by fermenting for just a few weeks before being released for sale on the third Thursday of November which is 17th of November this year.

The new wine characterises as comfortable acid and an aroma of candy. Enjoy the brand new wine of 2017 at Global-Dining restaurants.


◆La Boheme

(Azabu-jyuban, Setagaya, Motomachi-Cyukagai, Saurashinmachi ,

Odaiba, Ginza, Ginza G-zone, Qualita)

◆Monsoon Cafe


◆Zest Cantina

(Ginza G-zone, Nishiazabu)



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Henry Fessy 

This Beaujolais Villages comes from several villages located in the northern part of the region. A large proportion of this blend comes from the stunning old-vine parcel planted on a 45° sloped hillside. These wines combine finesse, flavor and roundness and are perfect for immediate enjoyment.

Glass 700yen / Bottle 3,900yen 

ドメーヌ・デュ・ビュイロン◆LB6 / LB8 のみの販売


Domaine de Buis-Rond

Domaine de Buis-Rond produces Beaujolais Nouveau with natural grapes by naturalism producer. It characterises as natural and deep fruity taste.

Glass 800yen / Bottle 4,600yen 




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