【Cafe La Boheme】2月末までの期間限定!Winter Specials


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Cafe La Boheme 冬のスペシャルメニュー



ブイヤベース ハーフサイズ 980円 / フルサイズ 1,680円
  「新鮮な魚介類の旨みたっぷり!! 贅沢なブイヤベースを召し上がれ」


ニョッキフリット 380円
  「カフェ ラ・ボエム人気のニョッキをフリットで」


スイートスパイシーアーモンド 280円


レッドアイサラダ 650円

Cafe La Boheme’s Winter Specials

Sales at ; Ginza, Odaiba, Shinjyuku-Gyoen, Shibuya, Omotesando, Kita-aoyama, Shirogane※, Setagaya, Sakura-shinmachi, Jiyugaoka, Motomachi-Chukagai
※Shirogane sales Red Eye Salad instead of Fried Gnocchi

Sales period: Till the end of February 2015

※Contents may change without advanced notice due to buying situation.
※Please contact each shop for further information.

Bouillabaisse Half 980 yen / Full 1,680 yen
  “Try our Bouillabaisse with fully umami of fresh seafoods”

After bringing out the maximum of umami by frying Japanese blue crab slowly and carefully, we stew it with ripened tomatoes and seafoods such as asari clam, whelk and white fish. We also add seasonal turnip as an accent and our secret seasoning to make the soup rich and tasty. Enjoy one of the world’s top three soup ”Bouillabaisse” in Cafe La Boheme style.
We also offer risotto or pasta using the leftover soup as our secret menu. Please ask our staff before you finish eating half of the soup.

Gnocchi Fritter 380 yen
  “New arrange of Cafe La Boheme’s popular dish”

We deep-fried our soft and chewey “Gnocchi”. Enjoy it together with the spicy habanero tomato sauce which makes it best as an appetizer.

Sweet and Spicy Almond 280yen
  “Goes perfectly well with all kinds of drinks”

The fragrant of almond together with cinnamon aroma and favorable sweetness spreads in your mouth. Enjoy its irresistible taste!

Available only at Shirogane Shop!!
Red Eye Salad 650 yen

New eye catching salad using plenty of red vegetables such as Red Kidney Bean, Tomato and Red Onion. Good nourishing Quinoa is also included so we recommend this dish as good for your health and beauty which contains high protein and vitamins but in low calorie.

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【Cafe La Boheme】2月末までの期間限定!Winter Specials
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