World-Renowned Gonpachi Opens in Hong Kong


Global-Dining, Inc and 1957&Co(Management)Limited has entered into a franchiseagreement and opened its first franchise restaurant of Gonpachi in Hong Kong on October 10th, 2013.

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1957 & Co. ( Representative of Company: Mr. Paul Kwok / CEO) is a hospitality investment and management company aims at providing comprehensive hospitality Services bolstered by Total Branding concept that enables guests to enjoy a creative and pleasant dining and entertainment experience through distinctive design, delicious food and excellent service.
Operates four restaurants including Bella Vita (Italian), Sushi-Take (Sushi) and Mango Tree (Thai) .

◆About  Gonpachi Hong Kong◆

News Release from 1957&Co

『World-Renowned Gonpachi Opens in Hong Kong』

(8 October, 2013, Hong Kong) Being the izakaya of choice for the Japanese Prime Minister
for holding welcoming dinners with his established guests, Gonpachi is brought to Hong Kong
by 1957 & Co. as an extension of the famous restaurant in Tokyo, setting its foot in the
lifestyle hub of Lee Gardens, Causeway Bay. The exciting menu and its meticulous interior
design combine as a scrumptious journey to the izakaya in Edo times.

Running 7 stores in Japan and 1 in US, Gonpachi is famous for its trio heroes: Kushi,
Soba and Sushi. The very first Hong Kong branch pushes even further in the pursue of an
original culinary experience: arduous effort is paid in designing the ventilation structures
and fire control facilities to allow dishes barbecued by Binchō-tan, where the meats and
fishes are prepared for the most discerning palates.

It is not surprising at all to see a combined kiosk to serving kushiyaki and Japanese wine
and sake, as well as a tempura bar, dedicated to serving signature items in an izakaya.
The limited supply A5 Miyazaki Wagyu beef that meets a rarely found BMS Level 10 or above
(Beef Marbling Standard) is surely not to be missed.

The restaurant boasts a soba making room with a large glass panel along the corridor,
where guests can glimpse into the meticulous world of skilled Japanese craftsmanship of
the making of soba noodles. Through complicated and careful processes, the buckwheat seeds
that are grounded by a Japanese made stone mill and then hand-pounded into soba of smooth
and chewy bites, a representation of Gonpachi’s celebration of Japanese culinary traditions.

The very soul of an izakaya is undoubtedly the alcoholic drinks, and to ensure perfect pairings,
Gonpachi Hong Kong has invited a sake specialist to design a sake menu of an amazing 88 varieties.
Serving also 8 rare finds of Japanese whiskeys and 8 edgy local Japanese beers,
Gonpachi offers a lively and enjoyable dining experience for its guests.

The interiors of Gonpachi seamlessly blend traditional Japanese cuisine with its historical
elements and comforts. Upon arrival, one is greeted with a splash of red from the inviting
feature wall that employs a mixture of natural rugged logs, exuding a sense of simplicity and
antiquity of the Edo era. Housed within a harmonious balance of wooden architecture, the dining
space is manifested with soft complementary lighting, a resemblance of the original Gonpachi
in Japan. Echoed with the rustic ambience and texture of the restored logs seen around the restaurant,
the use of bamboo curtains condenses the coziness for a feel-at-home atmosphere.

The bamboo screens outline the tatami dining area for guests who prefer more privacy in a
casual and jaunty space, a typical izakaya dinner for long chats over great food and wines.
An extension of the traditional Japanese milieu, the outdoor area is gardened with Japanese teien elements.

Housed in 6,500 sq ft space, Gonpachi seats 168 guests, with a semi-open tatami room and a private room, seating 10 and 16 guests respectively. Gonpachi opens from 11:30am to 1:00am (Sunday to Thursday) and11:30am to 2:00am (Friday, Saturday and eve of public holidays).

Address: 4/F, Lee Gardens One, 33 Hysan Avenue, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Telephone: (852) 2787 3688

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World-Renowned Gonpachi Opens in Hong Kong
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