【Global Dining】ROSÉ FAIR Now! From on March 10th


【グローバルダイニング】ROSÉ FAIR 開催中!!3/10 ~

グローバルダイニングのレストランでは、毎年恒例、春の「ROSÉ FAIR(ロゼフェア)」を開催中です!


■シャンドン ロゼ ボトル5,800円/グラス890円

カフェ ラ・ボエム(白金、麻布十番、お台場、北青山、表参道、銀座、G-Zone銀座、自由が丘、桜新町、新宿御苑)
ゼスト キャンティーナ G-Zone銀座モンスーンカフェ(G-Zone銀座、舞浜イクスピアリ、自由が丘)
権八(西麻布、SUSHI権八 渋谷)、LB6カフェ レガート
※ゼストキャンティーナ G-Zone銀座とモンスーンカフェ 自由が丘はボトル販売のみです

■モエ・エ・シャンドンロゼ  ボトル12,500円/グラス1,900円

権八 (渋谷、SUSHI権八 西麻布)、タブローズラウンジリグニスカフェ ラ・ボエム 麻布十番カフェレガート
※カフェ ラ・ボエム 麻布十番、カフェレガート、SUSHI権八 西麻布はボトル販売のみです。

[Global Dining] ROSÉ FAIR Now! From March 10th

Global Dining.,Inc restaurants hold an annual “ROSÉ FAIR” .spring event.
Brilliant pink colored sparkling wine will surely make you brightened up your feelings.

Event Period: March 10th (Tue.) – Plan to end beginning of May

* We may end this campaign without notice due to the limited supplies.
*All prices are tax excluded.

■Chandon Rosé     By the bottle 5,800 Yen / By the glass 890Yen
Chandon Rosé is a fresh aperitif style sparkling wine brewed by traditional Champagne method. It is a very attractive rosé Chandon with rich flavor and long & fresh finish. Original designed bottle limited to Japan shows the joy of the spring time, which Japanese have inherited since Heian era, 1000 years ago.

<Available Shops>
Cafe La Boheme(Shirogane, Azabu-Juban, Odaiba, Kita-Aoyama, Omotesando, Ginza, G-Zone Ginza, Jiyugaoka, Sakura-shinmachi, Shinjuku-Gyoen)
Zest Cantina (G-Zone Ginza), Monsoon Café (G-Zone Ginza, Mihama-Ikspiari, Jiyugaoka)
Gonpachi(Nishi-Azabu, SUSHI Gonpachi Shibuya)LB6 CAFE Legato

*Zest Cantina, G-ZoneGinz, and Monsoon Café Jiyugaoka offer it only by the bottles.
■Moët & Chandon Rosé   By the bottle 12,500 Yen / By the glass 1,900Yen
This is glamorous and alluring champagne with fruity strong flavor of wild strawberries. It feels mild going down with fresh and fruity flavors. And it matches well with strong flavored cuisines.
<Available Shops>
Gonpachi(Shibuya, SUSHI Gonpachi Nishi-Azabu)Tableaux Lounge L’IGNIS,
Cafe La Bohéme (Azabu-Juban), CAFE Legato

*Cafe La Bohéme (Azabu-Juban), CAFE Legato, SUSHI Gonpachi Nishi-Azabu offer it only by the bottles.

【Global Dining】ROSÉ FAIR Now! From on March 10th
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